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    24/7 complete catering service
    Complete offer of products (from non alimentary goods to fresh food)
    Possibility to set up the layout of each drum according to the location's need
    Optimized space at any drum level in order to display the best product offer
    Possibility to stratify different temperatures according to the location and to the product offer
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    Design and user interface
    New aesthetics with LED lighting of the front panel and of the internal part of the cell
    Black front panel at the bottom of the machine easy to customize with stickers
    New user interface design aligned with the latest Necta models
    Large graphical display
    Round FIFO shopper
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    Electronics and energy consumption
    16 bit electronics with 4MB flash memory
    Immediate and intuitive creation of machine setup with GIGA
    New software menu easy to surf
    Highly insulated cabinet
    Enhanced energy saving mode granting a lower energy consumption (class A according EVA EMP 3.0)
Snacks + Food / non food / cans
User Interface
Direct selections
Product capacity
Up to 108
No. of drums
8 or 10
Drum height
90 - 130 mm
No. of compartments per disk
From 6 to 36
1830 mm
850 mm
859 mm
Depth with door open
1630 mm
320 kg
230 V
50 Hz

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Festival Classic


Festival Classic range



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    Patented technologies for a perfect drink
    Z4000 coffee unit - in double espresso version and new instant technology at your service
    Highly customizable drinks menu: up to 56 selections
    24 volts variable speed mixers
    Self adjusting blades available as option
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    Touch the difference
    Selection area with wide touch screen - 21.5", full HD
    Elegant and easy starting screen that allows customization
    Displayed menu with customizable big product icons
    Possibility to feature spots and to entertain the end user
    Drink or product nutritional facts always available
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    New Necta Touch screen platform specific for the vending business
    Multimedia content management through Giga Touch
    Movement IR sensor
    UMTS connection to show live news, RSS feed and manage the machine in real time available as option
Double Espresso
User Interface
Touch screen, 21.5", Full HD
Cups capacity
No. of selections
Up to 56 (14 per tab - 4 tabs)
No. of pre-selections
Up to 4
No. of canisters
Up to 9
Stirrers capacity
Coffee brewer
Z4000 coffee unit
No. of boilers
Executive - MDB - BDV
1830 mm
650 mm
760 mm
Depth with door open
1320 mm
176 kg
230 - 240 V
Max. power consumption
2.660 W
50 Hz
  • IR movement sensor
  • 2 front speakers
  • UMTS connection

Brochures and images

Images download is free, any modification to the original is not allowed. Images must be used in order to display or promote the products.

UMTS connection

2 front speakers

IR movement sensor

Wittenborg renews its Showroom

At the beginning of May, Wittenborg reopened a totally renovated showroom at its offices in Seebladsgatde 1 in Odense.
Approx five years have passed since Wittenborg originally opened its present showroom. Here Wittenborg’s and N&W’s dealers have the possibility to appreciate the product range and to show it to their customers.

During the recent years, many new models have been introduced. A lot of them were showed at Copenhagen Food Fair at the end of February - and all the new machines are now in Wittenborg showroom.

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The Jewels in the KRONO

Krono is the brand new baby of Necta’s popular "K" range of coffee machines. Krono is an "entry level" model, bringing the excellence of our Italian engineering within reach of even the smallest businesses.

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