KREA ES wins the Coffee Professionals Cup 2012

September 21st KREA ES and Fredrik Brunberg from Kaffekompaniet won the Nordic championship Coffee Professionals Cup 2012, which was arranged by Nestlé Professional and which for the 2nd time took place at Örenäs Castle in Glumslöv, south of Helsingborg in Sweden.

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    Top technologies for perfect drinks
    Wide choice of drinks thanks to a great number of modular product canisters
    Z4000 coffee unit available in espresso version
    Newly designed mixers whose shape grants the perfect preparation of soluble drinks
    Vending machine fit with a single stainless steel boiler with 500 cc capacity
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    Design and user interface
    Elegant black and silver aesthetics with two wide and eye cathching panels lit by LEDs on front door
    Capacitive selection panel with 20 LED backlit selection buttons with blinking visual feedback after selection and during drink preparation
    Precious chromium-plated frame around the selection area
    Product labels lit by LED
    Cup station door made by smoky grey plastics
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    Electronics and environment
    16 bit technology with 4 MB flash memory
    Open system for statistics transmission and collection in compliance with EVA DTS protocol
    Implementation of enhanced MDB with new functionalities: multiple price lists, user group, single-vend/multi-vend, cash sale
    PC configuration of the machine set-up through management software GIGA
    Opera has an energy consumption of 139 Wh/Liter and has obtained energy consumption class A according to EVA EMP 3.0. std
User Interface
Direct selections
Cups capacity
No. of selections
Up to 20
No. of canisters
No. of mixing bowls
Stirrers capacity
Coffee brewer
No. of boilers
Espresso boiler capacity
0,5 Lt
Heating element espresso boiler
1850 W
Executive or MDB or BDV
1830 mm
600 mm
740 mm
Depth with door open
1200 mm
Approx 130 Kg
230 V
Max. power consumption
50 Hz

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Test x newsletter

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Opera: superior performance and quality

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Opera attracts attention with its elegant lines, aligned with the design of Samba and Diesis. Two front panels backlit with LED lighting, a black and aluminium interface and a wide capacitive selection panel for selecting the drinks complete the design of the vending machine. 

Enjoy N&W products at Fine Food Australia

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N&W is proud to attend for the fifth time the largest exhibition of international food, drink and equipment for the retail, foodservice and hospitality industries at Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

MELODIA, Slim in style, wide in choice

29 August 2012 — globaladmin

Festival: a feast of freshness

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Festival is the latest step in the evolution of the food vending machine sector, offering top level performance in terms of energy savings and reliability. 

Festival catches the eye immediately thanks to its panel, back lit by LEDs, with aesthetics in line with those of the most recent models created by Necta. A high tech interface and LED-illuminated cabinet complete the design of the vending machine. 

Jack connector kit

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